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Crazy story that sounds hallucinatory to me but I listen to her..

In 2002, a month after my son Nicholas was born, Sonia begins to tell me what she’s been through lately. She starts telling me a crazy story that sounds hallucinatory…

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Thanks to my supporters..

This is the only place I can tell my story and I am the only one who will publish it. Thanks to my supporters all over I can pressure on…

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Why are they extorting me for over two decades?

Why are they extorting me for over two decades? The sin of greed and no other. The destruction of my life for years and all this in order not to…

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The RICO Act – Stop the Nightmare

“The RICO act is a federal law designed to combat organized crime in the United States. It allows prosecution and civil penalties for racketeering activity performed as part of an…

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Why should not a learned lawyer file a proper application to the court?

For years, attorney Ilan Shavit has been leading me in lies, lying to me and the court and going through serious criminal offenses of disrupting a trial at the very…

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How do I know that Ilan Shavit, the lawyer I hired for my struggle, did not work in my favor and only failed me?

While I am struggling to recognize my partnership agreement with Kobi Maimon on Yoel and Passport-Ecotel, these companies are turning to the public for fundraising. My move at this point…

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Ilan Shavit was my lawyer who work against me after I fired.

Ilan Shavit was my lawyer who filed my first lawsuit against Kobi Maimon in order to enforce Kobi Maimon’s partnership agreement. From the time he filed the lawsuit until I…

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Drug Dealer Kobi Maimon — Kidnapper of Nicholas — Goner Eldan Story

The affair begins with a bribe paid by an agent, a drug dealer named Kobi Maimon. He is the main investor who invested with me in the deal I initiated…

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Jewels that the Mossad stole from me.

These are the jewels that the Mossad stole from me. On September 28 they broke into my house and stole everything. This is how it is conducted 25 years.

My Visa was canceled through a false immigration complaint.

I left America for a meeting in Bermuda in 2002, but when I tried to return, the Mossad already made sure to cancel my visa through a false immigration complaint.…

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