In 2002, a month after my son Nicholas was born, Sonia begins to tell me what she’s been through lately.

She starts telling me a crazy story that sounds hallucinatory to me but I listen to her. She talks about murder threats, but I think she is affected by the birth and she begins to convince me, “You have to give them the company, it’s dangerous, we want a family, you can always make money.

We have the company (at that time I owned a successful Internet company: Deal Spin) and we in America “

Sonia is doing everything to convince me to agree to a compromise on my part in the gas company in Israel – she says to me “Forget about Israel Leave this company Leave these people, they are a disease, you can not beat them, they are the Mossad, they also say they are the CIA. Can not beat them, it is impossible, leave this business, we have a family, a beautiful child, we are here in America, what do we need these threats “

But it did not help me even when I listened to her. I gave up and signed the settlement agreement in 2003, but they have not stopped persecuting me to this day. All the while I’m sure they will not raise my head and demand what I deserve.