Ilan Shavit was my lawyer who filed my first lawsuit against Kobi Maimon in order to enforce Kobi Maimon’s partnership agreement. From the time he filed the lawsuit until I fired him he actually worked against me! He’s been extorting me from millions for years.

He came to New York with his wife Rina Shavit shortly before Sonia’s birth. His wife goes out with Sonia to the beautician and on the way explains to her:

“If you do not do what we say, we’ll bring you to the police.”
“If you make trouble, we’ll kill the child.”

On the birth of Nikolais 14 june 2002 they came again to the delivery room Sonia in the delivery room are Emo on her again with no cooperation and the child will kill the child .

Sonia told me to give them everything that Nicholas would stay alive for whatever they wanted to give them .

Goner ” give them whatever they want they will kill Nicholas all they want to give them!” That’s what she told me and I gave 25% of my control over the companies

After two years (2004) when Nicholas grew up they came to threaten again and then Sonya . Here is the picture of their meeting in 2004 with Sonia in New York.