Our Story


I am Goner Eldan

Organized crime effected against Goner Eldan, Sherry and Ended Eldan and Nicholas Ended Eldan (my son is a U.S. citizen residing in the U. S). Israel Shai was recruited to work for Kobi Maimon and he acted as their agent against me.

For years, Israel conducted a saga of threats against me, culminating in the Yael Assulin document, a document in which he claims that Yael Assulin, my ex-girlfriend, is running a drug trafficking ring, all in order to threaten me that if I go to the police they will have her put in jail.Kobi Maimon is also personally mentioned in Karpiol’s polygraph test in 2010, demonstrating that he worked for Maimon in order to sabotage Mercury.

My Story:

Everything began in 1994, when the Israeli stock market crashed.In light of the market crash, I sought a business opportunity and found it in the form of taking over Yoel. My e-mail and phone were tapped and followed and money was systematically stolen from my credit cards for years.He held my son hostage based on threats and monetary benefits for Sonya (my son’s mother, a U.S. citizen).I acted upon the agreement and even had to finance part of the takeover, as opposed to the agreement.When we began trading, the bank provided us with large groups of bonds during the market crash in 2008.I surrendered my rights to the companies after David Ben Shimol, the criminal, visited my home on 10 March 2003 and after I fled my home in terror.I therefore asked to halt the court proceedings.Thus causing me and the company damages of $23B.In 2003, exhausted, I fled from my home under threats of murder issued by criminals.The advocate argued company theft.Rami Caspi, in order to prevent us from obtaining a restraining order for the deal.I met him in 1996 when I tried to find a Rover Arkansas.While I was managing Deal Spin from New York, my parents were subject to threats for 1.5 years, trying to pressure me. My aged mother would call me in New York to tell me that they were there, that they threatened her.We object to the transfer of shares to another company in which we are partners, emptying our company at a value lower than the share price.This caused severe economic damage of ~$200B to the company in 2003.As stated, 25% of the company and its assets is worth ~$10B.A private investigator who worked for the GSS.The police did not provide me with security on the street or at home, I lived in fear.I lived in fear and money was stolen from my credit card by the said crime organization.While there, I was physically attacked on the street several times.They threatened my parents with murder!Death threats by professional criminals that he sent.I moved to London in 2010.At the time, I was working in the capital market.I have been turning to the FBI for over 4 years and I have not yet been invited to testify.That was on 2 June 1996.

After the transaction succeeded, Kobi Maimon took measures to avoid paying me my share by blackmailing me in Europe, the U.S. and Israel, a saga that has been going on for about 22 years.In his affidavit and testimony, which proves the existence of the partnership agreement, Yoram Zamir states that he acted in favor of the partnership, both for me and for Kobi Maimon.Concurrently, they sent criminals from Hagai Zaguri’s organized crime organization to threaten me with murder so that I sign a waiver of my share of the partnership in favor of Kobi Maimon.After a long line of death threats against my son, my parents, and me Kobi Maimon had me sign a full waiver of my rights, 25% of the partnership based on the partnership agreement regarding ownership of Yoel.All this time, they threatened and attacked me through others including an incident of scissors in my eyes during a visit to New York in 2005, false claims by former investors, attacking Sonia and me with false claims – all financed by Kobi Maimon.Summary of blackmail and extortion actions against me:

After his effort succeeded, Kobi Maimon took measures to change the agreement and removed me from the company.Kobi Maimon is mentioned by Adv.He could have presented Yoram Zamir’s affidavit in court, but he chose not to because he was working for Kobi Maimon!There is a conviction in an Israeli court for the threats against my parents and me. A person was sent to jail for ruining an online company, Deal Spin, using Kobi Maimon’s organized crime organization.Based on a polygraph test, a company employee, Assi Karpiol, transferred information to Kobi Maimon.He was the first straw person that Kobi Maimon appointed to hold the companies in his name.He told the court that Kobi Maimon operated through other people.Kobi Maimon transferred money into the bank account as part of the deal.The person behind those threats was Kobi Maimon.They ruined Deal Spin with the threats against the employees and me. After these threats, I signed the agreement with Kobi Maimon.That is how I reached Kobi Maimon.The blackmail efforts include the abduction of my son, threats around the world (in Israel, New York, Brussels, London), ruining my businesses and physical violence.Concurrently, they cancelled my visa in London and I returned to Israel.Israel Shai was also responsible for the extortion of Assaf Shachaf and British Airways, and was later the messenger sent to blackmail my parents.My house was burgled, documents were stolen and cars waited for me outside with menacing thugs to threaten me.

Another person who worked with the crime organization over the years is Israel Shai. I attended a banking conference in Brussels in 2013 and applied for political asylum because I did not receive police protection in Israel and I lived in fear. Yoram Zamir’s testimony proved the existence of the agreement, as did other testimonies in court in Israel.Adv Eyal Rozovsky (partner in Ilan Shavit’s Law Firm) – I contacted him when he worked at a different firm in order for him to represent me in a different case, unrelated to this one.Ilan Shavit contacted Sonya, my ex, and it was he who threatened Sonya, the mother of my son, with the abduction of my son.As a result, they increased their extortive efforts and once again sent people to threaten me on the street in Israel.Concurrently, Adv.The 15th commissioner, Moshe Karadi, and the 16th commissioner, David Cohen – explaining why the police in Israel did nothing.The legal offenses were committed against me throughout Europe, U.S. and Israel.Two police commissioners in Israel are taking bribes from the gas company.This marked the beginning of a rampage of blackmail and extortive activities based on false pretense and conducted on a daily basis.In addition, the initiated a false claim by Deal Spin investors (it is important to note that the investors themselves did not wish to conduct the claim, they called me in New York to warn me and asked me not to accept the claim).Following Karpiol’s polygraph test in 2010, I realized that they would give me no peace and I filed a petition to the Israeli court to cancel the settlement agreement entered under duress.The Brussels file also provide detailed information about the activities – including voice recordings and other evidence of monetary transactions, violence, airline tickets and the names of the involved parties.The Brussels file contains many documents that describe the activities.But the same lawyer delayed the petition in court, upon coordination with Adv.Violations of the Rico Act – blackmail and extortion and child abduction.In 2013, while in Brussels, I was contacted by a person named Lionel Sito who introduced himself as a CIA agent.The reason for the blackmail failure to uphold our partnership agreement to take over Yoel at $500M.He intentionally thwarted my petition of foreclosure prior to the Equital IPO.In return for his activities, Adv.Yael Assulin was my girlfriend, a mole planted by the organized crime organization, attempting to obtain information about my activities, get me involved in drugs and create a case against me with the police.Lionel Sito extorted money from me, purchased airline tickets at my expense and stole money from my bank account.The evidence is the court ruling by which we were late with our petition and thus would not be awarded the order.The offenses were performed in the U.S., including the abduction of my son and holding him hostage, and the operation of a proven crime organization.I prepared a presentation for investors to finance the takeover.He wanted to join the partnership as a financing partner.Our agreement set forth a 75-25% spilt (25% for me) of the rights to the partnership’s profits.Eyal Rozovski was appointed to represent Isramco, a company in the Yoel Group, as published in the press.I then turned to Adv.Adv.Yoram Zamir, who testified in court, as he was the lawyer for the transaction.The matter with Lionel Sito continued until January 2017 and these are also the people who operated in the U.S. as members of the crime organization.We held the same rights as related to partnership resolutions.Adv.He similarly disrupted the proceedings for years, until I was forced to dismiss him.They turned to the bank and took measures to halt our activity and we suffered great damage because the bank transferred the bonds to a different broker.I tried to conduct the petition filed in 2010, but could not stand the pressure of the threats.I founded Mercury in 2004, a brokerage company that traded in bonds.Ilan Shavit was the first to act against me through my petitions to the court.In March 2012, I turned to the U.S. authorities for the first time regarding the abduction and threats.Rozovsky issued a letter to Tao on my behalf and on behalf of Omri Sheinman, both of us invested in the company’s securities.The caused the cancellation of Sonia and my marriage visa, a visa that would have taken me home to my ex-wife and the mother of my son.I turned to the police regarding this extortion in 2009, 2010 and 2011, but the police did nothing.The extortion is still going on today (2017).All in order to threaten me not to go to the police in 2009, before my petition to cancel the settlement agreement. Ilan Shavit for him to force the agreement in court.He operated professionally, using my lawyers who worked for him.In August 2013, a woman named Michele Bridges flew to Paris and South Africa at my expense, claiming that she is a CIA agent and meeting with me to help my case in Washington.I was physically attacked in Brussels three times.He caused my businesses to fail, supported by the police and people acting on his behalf as impostors, bribing local police officers in those countries.The aim, again, was to prevent me from making money while obstructing court proceedings.


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