Ilan Shavit and his wife Rina loved me very much at the time of 2007, I am the milking cow that makes them money. And when they are certain that I do not understand what is going on, in those years they manage Sonia’s blackmail and the money flows to them all the time from Kobi Maimon. Yes, they provided him with service – the kidnapping of Nicholas and threats to Sonya and Nicholas of murder threats.

After we met Yael Assoulin and I connected and she moved in with me to the affair that caused me to throw her out of my life.

Yael, who is a drug addict, actually worked with Ilan Shavit, who managed to blackmail her with threats that would lead to her imprisonment for 10 years on the use of drugs. Because she was afraid she had agreed to his demands to make me violently assault her. Create provocations and confrontations to drag me to violence. That was his demand.

She did not succeed and I discovered this blackmail. Once again, a relationship that had dissipated again prevented me from leading a normal life. Again they harass me and try to harm me in the most sophisticated and terrible ways