Thanks for the answer that actually says nothing and nothing.

How can you reconcile the implausible contradiction?

This is a situation of North and South – two irreconcilable opposites between the Israeli police’s understanding of the complaint and the US government’s understanding of Interpol

I have seen the complaint to Interpol, and not only have I seen it, it is a necessary condition, it is impossible to receive a non-sanctioned asylum

There’s a complaint on Interpol’s computer. On the basis of this complaint, I received a bomb shelter in Belgium!

Complaint to Interpol is at the level of legal proof

I submitted this letter today to the police station in Givatayim for the investigation.

I filed a complaint against the complainant she lies in the testimony and gave a false complaint!

The Mossad is not above the laws of the State of Israel, and therefore I am asking again to investigate all my cases – 12 criminal cases and trials of disruption!

Waiting for serious answers and no further blurring

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