TAT, which manufactures aviation accessories, is traded in Israel and New York as a public company. The shareholders are the general public and at that time the managers held 12% -5 of the company’s share capital.

The company’s managers set up a private company called Galtech, which was held by the company’s two directors, Shlomo Ostrazter (CFO) and Dov Tze’elim (CEO), 100%.

The private company Galtech was entitled, in agreements with the public company, to receive 10% of the purchase and 10% of the sale for $ 2-2.5 million in return for marketing and sales services. Galtech has never provided these services to Tat, but its share of the sale and purchase has certainly been received. This created a situation in which the company’s directors drew huge sums of money over the years, amounting to $ 200-300 million.

As a shareholder in the public company, when I understood the deceit that has been going on for many years, I hastened to file a claim in the name of the shareholders from the public to the court so that the company’s managers will return the money to the company and enable the shareholders to enjoy the company’s economic success. However, the Mossad, which at this stage has already acted against me since I sued Kobi Maimon and already has a criminal organization against me, acted against me and the company’s shareholders

During the lawsuit, the company’s accountant, Eli Ofer, testified that the entire statement in the lawsuit was true. Eli Ofer’s testimony was significant because he was the accountant of the virtual company Galtech and prepared its reports and hence knew it well and well.

Another witness from the prosecution was the director of marketing at TAT, Mr. Ami Zeltzer, who testified that he was responsible for That’s marketing operation and never worked with parties from Galtech, thereby confirming the prosecution’s claim that no marketing services were provided from Galtech to TAT.

From these two witnesses during the trial, a picture emerged from which one can learn that the agreement between TAT and Galtech is in simple terms stealing money when Galtech is a pipeline used to raise TAT funds from the public coffers.

What was the verdict?

The verdict was that I, Gunner Aldan, the person who exposed the fraud and took action I and no one owed the managers of TAT 1.5 million. How did it happen?

In my opinion, the judge agreed to accept a bribe and to tilt the verdict. However, I did not give up and filed an appeal against this hallucinatory ruling, and immediately after the appeal was submitted I received a compromise proposal.

Suddenly, a proposal for a compromise was reached in the framework of which I would receive $ 250K in return for withdrawing the appeal. Suddenly they did not demand that I pay NIS 1.5 million …

The trial that began in 1996 ended in 2002 when TAT transferred to me $ 250,000 in return for the withdrawal of the appeal from the Supreme Court.

The managers of That have emptied $ 300 million from the company for years fraudulently, the Mossad is aware of this, and instead of helping to return the money to the public, he used this information to force the company’s managers against me to handle extortion, disruption of law and procedures. All in order to cause me large amounts of financial damage.

The institution controlled everyone in the proceedings from the directors of the company to the judges and witnesses in the trial. All this in order to receive a false verdict, and disrupt the legal process so that Mossad managers can continue to receive bribes, such as Kobi Maimon.

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